Urinating in the river?


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How does peeing in the river prior to casting impact your cast and swing? Urine is high in iron and other minerals which are heavier than the mass and density of water. This can greatly impact the stick of your anchor being that the fly can get weighted down by the yellowy film and swing speed can be altered in the same way. Just sayin'

Leroy Laviolet

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Yup, makes a big diff, as I always up-line by a size in line and rod weight to compensate for that ...:ray1: Really can be the catalyst between success and failure :thumb:


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Since both my rods are two-handers I'm gonna need to grow another pair of arms before I try that...:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Why not just walk out and pee in a coffee can? This can't be good for the river given the stuff we ALL have in our urine.


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For heaven sakes! You put the rod under your arm, drop your waders to the thighs, and pee-- just barely covering the top of the waders. When you're in the groove you can't afford to get out of the water. Is it good for the water? Who cares, i'm concerned with how its effecting my fishing. Stay on track!

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OK, So, on a pertecularly cold morning I may have trouble clearing my waders... Sometimes ...bawling: Yup, not afraid to admit it -:rofl: On these mornings the adjustmants are less... :thumb:

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They used to post on the Deshutes that they would rather have you pee in the river than on the bank. Since I had to wear Depends during my prostate treratment for cancer I've found that they'er very handy to wear on the river if you don't over fill them. I prefer Walgreens brand and price. I've been told thet urine is sterile and the bad stuff is just s---t, couldn't prove it by me. Pan if it effects your cast and swing for those reasons you need a river with a much faster flow.


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Haven't your heard? True steelheaders don't drop their waders to pee in the river. Wastes valuable fishing time. Just stretch it up and over the top. You'll add a couple inches over time and be a more efficient steelheader. This is known as a win-win outcome. Can't believe you didn't know this already. I feel privileged to pass along the wisdom of NW steelheading legends who taught me all the critical things a serious steelheader needs to know.


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