Who's ready to eat?

Jerry Daschofsky

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Just got a new order in. Thankfully, I didn't pay for any of it. Traded my demo work at Cabela's for it. :)

Soooooooooooooo, I think I may need some help with these at the next event. Lonnie, you with me? Conquer the world!!!!! One bowl of baked beans and a roll at a time. :rofl:
Jerry, did you make some poor ups driver deliver that to you? You must have felt bad. Must be a 100lbs of iron there.:rofl:

Do you have to cure all of that? Whats in the big box in the back center?

I'll help you lug it out at the Jimmy Green.



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This is just sooo unfair!
Tell me about it Mark, tell me about it. You're not that far south of me ... hummmm.

"Thankfully, I didn't pay for any of it. Traded my demo work at Cabela's for it." Considering the pile of loot there Jerry, Cabela's was damned generous, you were damned good, or both?


Jerry Daschofsky

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I should mention. Cabelas didn't pay for it, Camp Chef did. They will pay me for doing my demo work. It's too fun to do, so I told them instead of paying me, give me more product. So figured out what they would've paid me, and had them send me what I ordered above.

The big box in the back center is a lumberjack grill. Designed so you can put it over an open fire and cook on it. I'll be using it for the big lumberjack skillet (20" wide in the PAN alone). Just more for show and demo work, but may bring it to a Hoh down. :)

And, won't be bringing ANY of this to the Jimmy Green Memorial. It's a smoker thing only (doing pulled pork). In fact, it'll be pretty much done by time I get there, just finish pulling apart the pork shoulders when I get there.
Probably not..but The first time I opened the coffee sachet, I thought it had gone bad, but I drank it and didn’t get sick. I have drunk many since, all the same as the one in the picture. It is one piece of semi-dry gunk. Still, it dissolves OK..