Steelhead swap photos

...have been downloaded (I think). I got an error message at the end of the process. There should be 12 of them. Chris, can you let me know if they are out there? Thanks.


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Thanks for picking up my slack bud ;)

Hope the care package contains bugs you can use?? And I think I owe you some jim beam style patterns too?? Cant remember if I sent you any or not??

So when does dry falls pick up again, or should I ask, when does it open??

edit: did you leave my bug out of the pictures cause it wasnt good enough or something LOL

~Patrick ><>
Your care package was great! Although I find it hard to believe that you tied all those yourself.:p

Dry Falls opens up on April 1. I was thinking about a trip out there around 4/22. Are you up for that?

I left yours out because it would have made mine look bad, but I guess I'll get it in so I don't have listen to you whine...


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most that I sent you were left overs from other tiers...punk!!

im down for 4/22..

whine...i never whine...I just take up screen space }(

~Patrick ><>

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