trolling flys

Ed Call

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Damselfly and Dragonfly nymphs, not at a constant speed, but jerky twitches. Sometimes you'll be glad you have a firm grip on your rod.
The Spruce Fly, Almost any well tied streamer, or just about any fly will work. Carey Specials, and buggers. I personally like trolling a damsel fly nymph.
White leeches work well. I saw a guy trolling small yellow marabou leech. He was catching fish and no one else was catching. I tied up few and carry them with me. They work well.
I think the secret is not the first fly, but the trailer. I like a big leech or woolly bugger up front, perhaps a care special, and then trail a much smaller wet fly or nymph in the back. Most people will troll very slowly, but don't forget to try with some speed, as I have hooked many fish that way. You need a good rod holder though, as the takes tend to be vicious.



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I have caught fish trolling a chironomid.

Any fly will work depending on what the fish are keying in on.


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