WFF Stickers and Stuff?

There used to be WFF hats, stickers and such. I looked around everywhere and didn't find them. Are these now extinct? I would love a sticker for my car, as I sold my old one a while back and am now stickerless.



Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
You have to get them from Chris. As of right now, don't think there are any in production. So you'll have to wait until he decides to do another run of them.


dead in the water
If I were less lazy/busy, I'd tell chris I could crank up my die cut sticker factory and make some. But I'm sooooooo lazy.
Simms logos hats for fly shops etc. I bet we could easily meet min requirements, as I've seen smaller fly shops who have had them done. If this project needs a helping hand I'd be willing to jump in.

I'd take one or two...

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