Callibaetis nymph pattern


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Does anyone have a dedicated killer nymph pattern for callibaetis they would like to share? Pictures? It is that time of year when you can do some real business on the nymphs before they start to emerge. I'm looking for something other than the standard PT nymph or GRHE but instead a pattern designed from the get-go to imitate calli nymphs.

Whaddaya got?


Jeff Studebaker

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Nice link Brian. I was wondering about good Callibaetis Nymph patterns as well. My local lakes are warming up fast and surface presentations are getting less effective for me.


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I've been working on a Callibaetis nymph pattern for about five years now and have developed one which has been quite effective. I use marabou fiber tips for the tails then continue to wind the fibers up the hook shank to form the abdomen and counter-wrap with fine wire. To form the legs and wingcase I tie in a strip of pheasant tail leaving the tips projecting beyond the eye of the hook. I wind the tying thread back and over the strip of pheasant tail to the forward end of the abdomen then build up the thorax area with a few more turns of marabou fibers. I then lay the pheasant strip over the thorax, tie it off and trim it and, after teasing the tips back and down to form the legs, take a few thread turns to to hold them in place and form the head.

I usually tie it on a Tiemco 2312 in a size 12 or 14 because I like the slightly curved shank and the straight eye. The use of marabou fibers to form the thorax gives the appearance of the gills which occur along the sides of the abdomen of the natural.