Land to Train GSPs for Upcoming Season in Battle Ground Area

Anyone know of public or private land with significant acreage to work dogs in Battle Ground area? Always used the East Fork, but they have now leased it out to farmer. No access. Would pay small monthly lease if was right kind of area.

I attached a pic from a grouse hunt last year on Greenridge.


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Hey Top -

I know that there are clubs in the area that have leased grounds - although I have no idea where Battle Ground is, live on the KP and have my own stashes of land.

My bets friend in finding training grounds is Google earth. I can locate ponds, plug the way points into my GPS, start driving and knocking on doors. I have three areas that are private, where I have permission to train, as well as the grounds that our club leases. You could also try your county land assessor's web site in conjunction with Google earth to find out who owns what, although a knock on the door, face-to face, toe-to-toe is probably the best way to win land owners over.
I have 5 acres in BG but it's all clear with my driveway and house in the middle of it. Your welcome to use it if you want to,, probably to small for you though

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