NRS Otter Raft 13ft & Trailer 4 Sale

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Jerry Daschofsky

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All I can do is repeat jmills. FUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. I'm looking for a raft setup like this. BUT, may go with the maravia setup that I saw with Derek. LOVE that boat. But that NRS is a close second.


The Dude Abides
little one on the way + a promise to my wife to finish our debt repayments before child is born (only a tiny student loan to go) = me having to pass on this, my dream set up....

I had to talk myself off the ledge about this one. Being debt free will be nice though

Jeff Dodd

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I may be interested in the trailer too, for a 10' pram... PM me Kirk if you buy and PT is not interested. I don't know much about "Raft Trailers" may be overkill for a pram.
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