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Tried the small pond at the Bob Herman (?) river access down near Thomas Eddy on the Snohomish. Heard it had bass, and I wasn't disappointed. Nothing big, but there seemed to be a decent population of small fish. Made the mistake of taking only a sink-tip line, and that pond is a weedy son-of-a-gun. I think I would have been much better off with a floating line, but live and learn. Fished from my tube, and had a pleasant morning. With the summer coming on, I'd like to spend some time chasing bass/panfish up in N. Snohomish county. Cassidy seems to have a good population of stunted crappie which I've done well on in the evenings, and I've had good luck up at Lk. Sixteen on small bass on buggers/streamers. I'd like to try some surface fishing, but havn't had great success. Anyone have any suggestions on getting these little fellows to bite more consistently? Tried small poppers without much success, as well as a couple of terrestrial imitations. Not looking for your secret hole, just some ideas on techniques (although if you do pass along your secret hole, I don't keep anything I catch....). Have a couple of float tubes, but my rods are all 7'/4wt (like to keep it sporting...).
I've had great success drifting and twitching smallish dries (size 14 parachute adams.) I've had the most hits when it's sinking a bit and have used unweighted soft hackle wet flies too. They tend to take them pretty deep into their tiny mouths too and can be a challenge to unhook at times. Really fun to catch those little guys.


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In my limited expereince small bass (less than 12") will readily a hit Chernobel ant. At least it is top water and the visbile strike adds to the fun.
Nice to hear of someone cathching fish there. Ive waded it several times but have not had much luck. its really mucky too. Thought I was stuck for good once after sinking up to my calves in the muddy bottom! The lake there is called Shadow lake.


I've had fantastic success fishing Cassidy for bass. I tried alot of the "standard" flies - then got an idea and made this gods awful deciever/streamer thing with loads of Krystal flash. Made them in "natural" shades and one was hot pink, purple and orange- bass anywhere from 12" to 16" eat them up. The crappie population has dwindled there but the syunfish/pumpkinseed fishing is still good. As dumb as it may sound when I fish panfish there I go for a general "match" of the bugs I see - it does not have to be exact by ANY means and they bite well - go early and late. I've had alot of fun times in that lake.

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