any tips on where to fish this 7/16-18

it looks like there are not many river reports on the websites. one site asks for a donation before you can view fishing reports which I would gladly pitch in once i'm working. I'm wanting to head out for salmon or steelhead this fri and fish all through the weekend. don't need to be back sunday night so i'm wanting to take my time.

im thinking of heading down to the Kalama, but it's a drive. or maybe the upper sky. or north fork stilly which i haven't been to the stilly yet. i'm geared up for kings or steelhead. i'm trying to find out how long of a drive from seattle to the sol duc. from what i've read, steelhead, kings and reds are moving through.

send me a pm should someone wish to let me in on where to fish. i don't know anybody so i won't tell anyone.
If you are in Kent, you could make itto the So lDuc in 4 hours. Its an AWESOME river, and I have broken an 8 wt on their kings.Easily accessible since 101 crosses it 5 times
Skykomish is pretty slooooooow, and the NF Stily has slowed way down with the warm weather. I have never fished the Klama, but I hear there are fish in thee right now
wow, 4 hrs? well that's out. I'll burn up 200.00 in gas that i don't have. thanks for that. i forgot all about map quest. pretty lame on my part. maybe i'll just stay home.

Ed Call

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Is your local Marine Area open? Could be a closer salmon fishing option that may tolerate your distance/gas restriction. You could find a fishing pal to split costs with or work something more creative out to find your way to areas that fishing may be better. Never underestimate the fun that can be had off a beach if the fish are here.
yes, thank you mumbles, ya know I also head about the cutts over in Tacoma, off the surf or by those parks. I seriously might try it but the Cowlitz, isn't so bad over in Toledo. haven't decided yet. Thanks for that reminder. I think i'll just stay a bit closer to home over the w/e. maybe get on the cedar early and late, and try for cutts at the coast on Sunday. If the upper sky report from Monroe is any decent, I might try there.
2hours 15 min to the kalama, fun to float and fish, kings are from the mouth to the diversion dam, steel head up above.
Cowlitz on the fly blows, its a drift and jet sled fishery, deep and fast, with limited bank acess wich is always filled with rude gear chuckers, but kings coho and steel all at the same time, that is nice. If you feel like going for a drive pm me some time i'd split the gas.