I am thinking about getting a driftboat this year, and one thing I am wondering about is where to store the boat. I have room at the side of my driveway, but that would make it easy to steal. I don't have room in the garage. What do most people do to best store the boat and keep it from getting vandalized or stolen? Any thoughts would be apprecaited -


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I park mine just as you describe. I have a cover on it and a trailer lock on the tonge. I haven't had any trouble in 3 years that I've had it in it's current parking spot. When I lived in Seattle and primarly fished the Yakima, I had it parked for a time in a self storage facility in Cle Elum, Norris Storage. I also, for about a year, paid a nominal fee to one of the fly shops out that way to park my boat in with their fleet.

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