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Im looking for a spey rod. I have never owned one so this will be my first. Does any one have any advice on which one to get I want a halfway dicent one but I dont need top of the line.


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Go to River Run Angler in Carnation or check out their website. They are an advertiser on this forum and specialize in everything spey. Aaron Reimer is as knowledgeable as they come. While there, check out the CND rods, my personal favorites. You'll find them both economical and top of the line performance.



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I thrice :))) Leland's and William's advice. Aaron takes customer service to a whole new level.

Oh, good decision by the way. Spey casting is a blast. It makes not catching steelhead almost tolerable.

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I implore you a fourth time. Go see Aaron and Jack at River Run in Carnation Try the CND's first. They have just about all the good rods anyone could want and you can try them too. But you'll go back to the CND. The rod wont just lay there in your hands. It will talk to you.

Matt Burke


Saturday there is another spey class on the snoqualimie. Try this before you buy anything, you may not even like it. If you are anything like me and the rest of the speycasters here, you'll be hooked!!

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