Gun Dog

"The best thing I've come upon to control a hunting dog in the field is a combination beeper/e-collar. After a command, if ignored, use the locate button to give a short beep. If the command is still ignored, a "nick" of electricity will almost always result in obedience. It usually takes only a couple of stimulations for the "beep" to be the only correction ever needed. It is much better than running after the errant dog yelling at the top of your voice. When the dog comes back to you, all you do is love them up and they never associate you with the correction. I love my collar! Rick "

there's a lot of threads on e-collars around. I never had a beep collar, but I've a dogtra collar with a pager function, sorta like the vibrator on a cell phone. It's pretty easy to teach them to just come to you when they get paged, I've found it very effective. Today's e-collars are so far advanced over those of a decade ago, I think they're the greatest thing to happen to dog training ever. And, when the collar comes out, my buddy Dutch knows it's time for something fun...

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