Airflo Tactical Trout Review

I bought an Airflo Tactical Trout line for my 4 weight this spring. It was on closeout. I am a big Airflo fan; all my spey lines are Airflo, but the performance of this single hand line has been pretty disappointing. It works okay as a nymph line, but for dries it sucks. The front 3-4' of the line begins sinking almost immediately so drag is almost a forgone conclusion. Not sure if this is a common complaint with the line, but wondered if that was the reason for the closeout. I've heard good things about the Airflo single hand lines, but I would do a little more in-depth research before purchasing another.

colton rogers

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the reason it was on close out is because they came out with the tactical supple in 2010. its the "ridge line". i haven't gotten to cast it yet but i personally really like the tactical trout line on my 2 weight. are you using flourocarbon leaders? or perhaps just to heavy or a leader....
Nope. I don't use flouro leaders w/ dries. I fish flat flouro w/ nymphs, but the leaders I use for dries are your standard Rio 9' tapered to 4X.

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'Sinking tip' is a complaint that's common about a lot of floating lines, not just your Airflo. I've owned a number of floaters over the past decade and in my experience the best are from Scientific Anglers, Rio and Cortland, the worst were a Sage Quiet Taper and the house-branded lines from Hook & Hackle.

There was a thread here a week or two ago about this very same issue. To recap, it's likely that the open end of the line is absorbing or wicking water into the line's core, making it too heavy to float once saturated. The more water that wicks into the core, the longer the length of the tip that sinks.

Try drying your line out really well, like a week or more, until the core is dry. Then use a small drop of head cement to seal the open end of the line to prevent water from coming into contact with the core. Finally, put some dry fly floatant or Mucillin on a clean cloth and apply to the final few feet of the line.

It's not a perfect solution but should at least keep the line floating higher than it is now.


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Tuna, I don't have the Tactical Trout, but I do have all Ridge lines for my single handers. I really like the way they cast, but after a while the tips on all begin to sink a bit. When that happens I clean them well with line conditioner and then apply mucilin to the front several feet of the line. It has time to set up and when I use the lines next they float like champs. It just seems to be an ongoing thing I have to do. BTW, they all have welded loops so there's no core exposed.

Kent Lufkin

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I thought the H&H floater was a 444 incognito. Not so?
I'd read the same thing. But my actual experience with the two H&H lines I tried was almost the opposite of the several peaches I currently have and love. BTW, I also have a 555 with 'Dyna Tip' that's probably the best floating line I own.


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