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Good food; sorry excuse for beer Mumbles. I get the
thing, but that doesn't answer how to pull up a photo from my computer instead of one from a website. I was going to try the photobucket route, but that requires Flash v.10, which I don't have and would have to have IT (special security authorization) install on my computer, so that will take time. No wonder I never got into the photo posting thing; pita.

Ed Call

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Sounds like you are doing it right but something is not working.
From my laptop:
Click Go Advanced
Type my Mumbology
Click paperclip icon
IF the photo you want is in your gallery, page through to find it, drag and drop into the lower white box called Attachments
IF the photos is on your computer click the + Add Files button, upper right.
When the + Add Files button is clicked a new window will appear.
Click the Select Files button on the bottom center of this box.
Browse your computer to find the file and click on it to highlight the box around the photo (hold CTRL and click multiples if you wish)
Click the Open button and they will appear on a list in the Upload window.
Click the Upload Files button in the middle of the bottom.
The files should now apper in the Attachment space with checkmarks next to their file name.
Click the Insert Inline button near the lower right.
Click the Submit Reply button.

I chose neither the food or the beer. I enjoyed the company the most, the food second and the beer was fine too. Not my favorite, but who really cares?

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Does it have anything to do with first putting it in your gallery on this site (if you have one..if not start one), then from the gallery to your post?

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