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My grandson and I headed to the trap range yesterday to tune up for the upcoming bird season. Logan has been shooting trap for about two years off and on. He was bragging how he was going to shoot a 25 that day.

We also took a friend of mine from work who has shot every weapon there is, including a LAWS rocket, except a shotgun at clay birds. Ken was excited to shoot trap for the first time, I just wanted to get the dust off my shooting, and Logan was hot to get a 25. Brianna, the trap gal at Kenmore, did a great job of instructing Ken in the finer points of shooting and Logan and I went about busting clay. Ken had a goal of at least 5 birds the first round and he met that and went on to 11 birds the second round.

On the second round logan missed his first bird, but nailed all the rest for a 24! The kid is right on the mark for getting that 25. I think my best for the day was 19, I was shooting a Citori upland with 24" barrels and fairly open chokes, not exactly a trap gun. Logan had my 16 gauge Wingmaster with a 28 inch modified barrel and Ken used my 16 gauge BPS with a modified choke tube installed.

We all had a great time and plenty of laughs. Ken is hooked I think and we'll have to see if Logan can hit that 25. Me, I'm just happy to share this with them and get the rust out of my shoulder and my aim back in shape.
Super report, sounds like everyone had a great time. I watched my wife and son shoot yesterday. I guess I'll have to get the O/U out and blow the cobwebs out of it.

Upton O

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That's a great report. The kid is a shooter all right. Well done granddad on getting him to the range. That 16 ga. will work nicely when that first feathered bird comes up in front of him, too, won't it?

Jim Ficklin

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Sounds like a splendid time, Roper. My "Baby Girl" came over this morning, we went to breakfast, then to a friend's range to practice defensive handgun techniques (and busted a few clays afterwards). Kat couldn't beat me with the scattergun, but she did humble me a time or two with her 1911 . . . the girl is "hell on wheels" with a handgun, ANY handgun (plus, she can strip 'em & handload for them.) Made me feel good . . . I know she can & will defend herself if such a situation becomes a reality & I experienced a Father's pride, a mentor's satisfaction in the fruition of lessons taught & lessons well-learned, and witnessed a continuing legacy eagerly adopted & sincerely cherished. Practice may not make one "perfect," but it creates great memories & does serve to make one more proficient.

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