Pattern More Softhackle Type Patterns I used to tie / fish

Very nice Alexander. Glad to see these posted.
Personally think the soft-hackled isn't used to its amazing potential.

Anyone read this work on soft hackled flies by Sylvester Nemes? Worth the read...:thumb:

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Yeah I've read it, great stuff! I love soft hackles, when I lived in CO I used to fish those allot, on the swing and many a trout were caught that way. Also, with a little bit of Frogs Fanny they'll float and you can dry fly them.
PS, I just realized that I have the same pic posted more than once thinking it was another pic! Let me dig up the other ones, I must have not done the linking right!

Hopefully this is right:

I honestly do not remember, all I know is that it's kind of a rubbery flat string like material. It's been a few years since I've tied and I gave away all my material, if not I would reference it for you.

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