For any of you that have Danner boots.
I sent my Danners back to have the insides repaired. Torn gore tex booties.
I'm so impressed.
New gore tex liners, new insoles, new laces, stitching all redone, out soles restitched, all outside of the boots oiled and buffed out, they look like new.
All for $75.00
Two thumbs up for Danners.:thumb::thumb:

Rick Todd

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Gary-For some reason Danner's fit my feet better than other boots I've tried. I usually get my Danner's from Cabelas, and Cabela's has a lifetime warranty on their boots (Cabela's boots made by Danner) so keep the receipt and get a new pair for free every couple years when the Gore-Tex starts leaking (as it always does!) I feel a little guilty doing this, but might as well take advantage of something Cabela's promotes! I just picked up some new Danner Pronghorns here in Bellingham (and paid full price!) because they are a really nice light Gore TEx boot and also, as I get older, my foot is getting wider and longer so I needed to change from a 10 D to a 10 1/2 EE! They feel pretty good so far! Rick

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