Adding EVA foam fighting grips

I'm trying to figure out what size of EVA grip to buy for my 11wt rod. I want to add a removable fighting grip. Does anyone have any advice for this non-rod builder?
I am trying to add a removable (or not) grip to an existing 11 weight rod. I thought a preformed EVA grip would be the best way to do it. I don't have anywhere nearby that has a selection that I can try on the rod so I'm wondering how to get the correct size.

Charlie S

Confrimed Reprobate
I take it you want to put an EVA grip ahead of the rod handle. Since there are no guides in the way it will be a very simple task and one you can do permanently (not recommended) or for temporary or occasional use. Measure the area on the rod you want to put the grip. Then order the EVA material about .05" smaller. Put on with an air compressor. Will work fine.

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