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Have you looked at the B&P shells vs the RST? I am looking at their High Pheasant in a 2 1/2" either the 1oz or 1 1/16 it's a low pressure #6. Price is more reasonable than the RST's which are very good shells.

This is for a 6lbs 5ish oz, double 12 with a improved mod and tight full.
That would have to be a negative Alex, although I have been to a few of the single-handed events in the past and enjoyed the crap out of them.
Unfortunately, being a fulltime caregiver, my personal time is usually limited to between the hours of 2am and 7am.:beathead:

Alex MacDonald

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I have 2 1/2 inch chambers, Floatinghat-can't fit `em in the gun. Their "classic" line was designed with the 20th century pre-steel fixed choke shotgun in mind, While they're somewhat cheaper than the RST shotshells,their pressure is substantially higher. Lowest pressure I saw on their chart was 5804psi, and RST shells for my gun are around 4000psi. They'll work fine in guns like my wife's Elsie, the later Parkers, model 21's and such, but for pre-turn of the century guns, probably not. There's also quite a controversy over "damascus", or pattern-weld barrel strength going on right now, but again, you'd be limited to shorter shells due to chamber length.

Rick Todd

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Alex-I'm drooling! With this collection, most of us are a little intimidated to show our collection. I will put up a much more modest collection. First View attachment 38910 here is a sad picture of my venerable Browning B-80-don't even ask! Next a well worn Beretta O/U 12 ga View attachment 38911 that is responsible for a lot of pheasants! Then my replacement for the B-80 View attachment 38912 a new Beretta xplor 12 ga. I got this one with "Kick-off" and it is the softest shooting gun I own-very nice! Then my quail gun View attachment 38913 20 ga O/U Beretta. My turkey gun is this Mossberg 835 3 1/2" 26" barrel camo and flat black gun that I won at a National Wild Turkey Federation banquet! View attachment 38915 Really nice to carry in the spring woods but as they say, it kills on one end and maims on the other! Next is a Charles Daly 12 ga that I won at a Ducks Unlimited Banquet (is there a pattern here?) that my gunless son-in-law uses when he goes with me View attachment 38916 . Last is a nice Belgium Browning 20 ga Auto 5. My most collectable gun, but choked full, so I need to get it opened up to really take it hunting with me! View attachment 38914 That's it-not nearly the photographic quality nor gun quality, but I get a lot of pleasure out of all of them and holding them brings back so many memories of hunts over the last 35 years or so. I used to have a Damascus steel barreled Westley Richards 12 ga hammer gun, but alas, my ex-wife took that with her! Rick

Upton O

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Rick, when a man says "quail" and I see he's shooting a 20 gauge he is on the right side of hunting. Your guns are great, well used, and, I know, very prized. Thanks for sharing.


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The question just begs to be asked.... Is it prudent to put your valuable firearms on the Internet for everyone to see? And then in a few months announce on the Internet that you'll be taking a fishing vacation to XXX destination for a week and are seeking advice? Does anyone else see the problem with this or am I alone on this observation?

Rick Todd

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Good thought Marty! Although I keep my guns in a pretty secure safe, and it is not at my main residence. Also, I have replacement homeowners insurance, so it would mean a bunch of new guns! My monitored security is also pretty good. Rick


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I thought I'd post some photos of some of our birdgetters in order to get used to using the new camera. Of course, her Ladyship, being my late father's favorite, got the good ones!
View attachment 33894 View attachment 33895 View attachment 33896 View attachment 33897
If I've done this correctly, the first two are her LC Smith Ideal in 20 ga, the third one's her Dale Tate custom, also in 20ga, and finally, my little Belgian 28bore hammergun.
Always wanted an LC Smith in 20 Very nice collection you have

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