Boat name suggestions?

Rob Ast

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Its just like fishing Ed. You can be doing everything 95% right and get nada, but give it that one little tweak and your golden :)
"Yellows Lab" comes to mind.

My wife's name is Cris, was looking at a Chris Craft one time and thought "Cris's Craft" would be a good name..

"Finally!" was another thought.

Some good choices out there guys!


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I think Im putting too much time on trying to name the boat versus naming my first born. Just kiddin... thanks for all the suggestions, creative minds indeed!


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OK, here are the finalists:

Seoul Searcher (Rob Ast)
Passionate Seoul (Yellowlab)
Heart and Seoul (Yellowlab)
Seoul of the Sound (Jim Ficklin)
Felt Seoul (Yellowlab)

Luca's Limo (My firstborn son)
Lucky Luca