First Steelhead on Spey


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I am very thankful that the 'exact' spots are not divulged for the entire world to read. It does bring undue pressure to areas.

Nice fishy. Very good for the BBQ.



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First of all Old Man has given out as much, or more information than anyone else on this site. Second, the kind of language you used and the tone of disrespect you used toward Old Man have no place on this site. You are outta line BK.

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I would like to thank all of you who stood up for me. I give out my fair share on this site. But I don't know why people don't give the river names as everybody fishes these same rivers but not everybody catches fish in thses rivers.



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This should go without saying but being a relative newcomer,I have found the most posts on the most rivers from Jim. Few have been as generous as Jim in describing secondary waters and it is something we should all thank him for.
:thumb To quote a phrase from my Canadian friends
:beer2 :beer2 :beer2
I have been :beathead for not getting out this year.
This comming week for sure.
Hope all you FLY SWINGERS have as good luck as DLoop.
tim nice fish Dloop, good experiences of over thirty years flyfishing for steelhead have left me humbled at times and amazedat other times. while some flies do react different to river flows and water color I believe if you get in front of him and he's in the mood he'll take it or chase it no matter what the color or dressing. I think it has more to do with presention but number one is the fish has to be in a taking mode.I have cast to holding steelhead for a hour changing flies from dries to what ever and then sit down and rested the hole and tied on the first fly I had on since its my favorite and what I have the most confidence in and first cast through get a hook up and more than once took more fish at the same hole then minutes later can't buy a fish although you can still see fish holding. I'm no expert just my 2cents, I just enjoy the pursuit. type of fly doesn't matter much just get it in front of him and hang on the rest is up to him.
The only thing I've learned from Oldman is how to better hide my doughnuts:9

That said I'm looking for someone to fish with on Monday. Any takers? Hey Oldman I will bring an egg mcmuffin for you;)

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Where,I'm not about to play twenty questions with a skinny guy like you. Name a place and I'll see if I can make it or I can name a place and see if you can find it.


Jim, I wish I would have seen this before BK got the boot. I think he got you mixed up with me on the World
Angler thing. And just for the record that is something that Ryan and I got worked out between us before he left and I am sure there are no hard feeling between Ryan and myself.

On another level, english is a language rich with adjectives. Vulgarity should never be needed to express any displeasure! As I was told when growing up and going through the teen age potty mouth stage, language filled with vulgar statements is a reflection on the lack of education of the person being vulgar!

Well general I'm oncall so I'm planning on the local waters. My favorite:) Haven't been out in almost 2 months don't know if I can find my Fly. BTW I aint doing the first light thing so if 9am is too late I'll eat the mcsliders myself:) Let me know.

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Well being that it is just a little cold out there and some of the roads that I take to get to the Snouqalmie are not in very good shape for driving right now. I decided to hold off until the temp gets above freezing. Right now in Marysville it is a chilly 16 degrees but the sun is shining brightly. Sorry but I won't be around for to see you catch your first steelhead.

Sorry once again.


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