A look at the other side


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Down the road a bit from my place you can see this;

Some nice fish being pulled out of here;

Even in the midst of combat fishing some find a little peace;

Where I fished this morning;

A little more peaceful.

Big E

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Are those pics of the Skagit or somewhere in Alaska?

I'm with veilside...if I had to choose between combat fishing and bed, bed would win everytime, as would most everything else.

Those news stories last year of that one bridge lined with all of humanity in Seattle during the pink run were appalling to me.


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don't give up the SECRET Kerry, that spot is too pristine to let loose into the wild!
Its not a secret. Why it looks so "pristine" is because the pic was taken just as the sun came up and you need a boat to get there. If I were to have taken that picture looking upstream you would have seen a half dozen or more other boats. As the day progresses more and more boats show up. Although not as bad as during a slimer year there is still a fair number of boater/fishermen on the river this time of year.
That's what I think every day that I get talked into fishing on the hook with gear. Being anchored up next to 300 of your closest friends, that are close enough to pass the newspaper back and forth...just doesn't do it for me.
The first picture, taken by itself, is a cracker-jack. Guy with fish on, Guy trying to net same ... and 5 or 6 guys in feet .. and not one of them will move. I assume 20+ pound leader is the 'name of the game?'

Geeze Louise!