wesnatchee report!


Funny how some are critical of others at times and playing the game at other times, eh PT?
Mumbles, be a bit more like a duck and let some water roll off your back now and then. I don't think you can because regardless of the topic someone said something at sometime that is etched in your memory and you point it out everytime. Good for the post count I guess. Type A? Just a guess.

I'm with Old Man on this one.

Now, I'll just wait for your response.

Ed Call

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Old Man - 6 posts in this thread.
PT - 4
Me - baited by both into my 4th. Bite me Old Man. I let lots roll off my back PT. You should try it, or did I strike a nerve?


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Evan - thank you. I spat out coffee on my keyboard with KlitAttack. I only wish that my PM with Wetsnatchee was the source for your inspiration.

PT, Mumbles, OldMan - really? You guys have an ass load of time on your hands.

BB, Freestone - Report please.


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