5 Saltwater Options - maybe someone can help?

OK, so I'm new to the (puget sound) saltwater fly fishing game and obviously want to have a dedicated fly box for saltwater.

IF you could only have 5 different patterns to fish the salt with, which patterns would they be? I say 5 patterns that would cover SRC and Salmon.

Seems like the Miyawaki beach popper is a must, what else?


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1) Clousers in the following colors: chartreuse over white, olive over white and pink over white. Brown over white wouldn't hurt, either. Tie them fairly sparse.
2) Chum baby
3) Woolly Bugger, olive, white, and black
4) Some sort of euphausiid pattern, a small Crazy Charlie type pattern usually does it for me.

Can't help you with a fifth one. I don't typically go into more variety than numbers 1 through 3 with Clousers in the color combinations above being my staple throughout most of the year.


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+ 1 on DimeBrite's expoxy sandlance pattern.

Just a couple of other suggestions in regards to salmon flies:

1. Have a few large unweighted herring patterns, preferably tied with a stinger hook. When you see guys tossing 6" herring and hooking up hog coho on a consistent basis, you'll understand why you have them in your box.

2. Clousers - Tie some up in solid colors....all white, pink, chartreuse and orange.
Also, substitute white with pale pink on your olive and chartreuse clousers. Substitute white with gray on your olive, chartreuse and pink clousers.
A red or hot orange thread throat behind the eye adds some detail.


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1) Ferguson's Green & Silver (my go-to saltwater fly)
2) Art Limber's Purple Gray (I use this fly for bucktailing)
3) Coho Fly (Roy Patrick maybe)
4) Knudson's Reverse Spider (first fly I tie on for SRC)
5) Leland's Miyawaki Popper

I've done well with all of these patterns for both SRC and Coho. I even did ok fishing for Pinks last year with these. However a pink clouser worked best for me on the Pinks.


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1. Marabou Clouser - Variety of colors; olive, brown, tan, grey charteuse (that could be your five if you wanted) they fish year rod and flat out catch fish.
2. Chum Baby - Must have from March to June
3. Sea-run bugger - a cutthroat and coho favorite doesn't look like a whole lot, but that doesn't stop the fish.
4. Gurgler - For when the fish are looking up
5. Any krill pattern - perfect for selective winter time coho and cutts

Although there are plenty of other patterns out there those are a great start...

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