5 Saltwater Options - maybe someone can help?


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Just a question. What is a Reverse Knudson Spider?
I was just reading that and asked myself if the reverse spider I pattern I got from you off this website was actually a Knudsen pattern or a variation of it.

I have been fishing it since I tied the first one from a post of yours about a year ago and have found it to be very successful in fresh water. I find it to be a fun pattern to fish on a floating line.

I apologize if I gave credit incorrectly.


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Certainly no need to apologize. The Knudson Yellow Spider was a fly developed by Al Knudson for steelhead on the Rogue River in the 1930s. When he moved to Everett he brought it with him and it became a favorite for sea-run cutthroat on the Stillaguamish. His original pattern called for a yellow floss body and a superabundance of mallard flank for hackle, tied to curve back and over the body. It eventually became a "style" of fly and is commonly tied today with a variety of body materials (almost always chenille in various colors) and with various waterfowl feathers (teal, pintail, gadwall, etc.) for the hackle, usually much more sparsely applied than in the original.

The Reverse Spider was created by Mike Kinney in the '70s and differs largely in having the hackle tied in the reverse of the Knudson-style spiders; projecting out over the eye of the hook instead of flowing back along the shank. Is it some sort of lineal descendant of the Knudson Spider? Perhaps, but when I write about it I like to give Mike credit and often call it "Mike Kinney's Reverse Spider", cumbersome admittedly, but if you just call it the Reverse Spider most folks will understand what fly you're referring to.


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Interesting history this area has. I live near the Stillaguamish and enjoy fishing the fly on that river. Now I'll have a little historic nostalgia with my outings. Thank you for sharing.


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Well, since i have only ever used one pattern, and it out fishes everything that anyone else brings on my boat by three to one, I just have ever carried one pattern in two colors.
For SRC's

1. Chartreuse/White or Olive/White Thunder Creek
2. Muddler Minnow or Yellow Marabou Muddler
3. Bob Triggs' Chum Baby
4. Euphasid
5. Surf Candy

For Coho
1. Pink and white Clouser
2. Pink and white Jiggy
3. Pink and white Miyawaki Beach Popper
4. Pink and white (fill in the blank)
5. Pink and white (fill in the blank)

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