A10 Report

Scott Orness

Small fish in a big pond
Did some exploring this evening in A10 by boat with a friend. What a beautiful evening! Not much water moving with the slow tides, but when it was, we got into some really nice SRC action. Most fish took pink over white clousers stripped really fast. We had a lot of short strikes and missed a dozen + fish. Saw many fish slashing on the surface as well. I was hoping they would be silvers, but each cast near a swirl resulted in a healthy cutt. Most of our fish were caught in the deeper water between 8-20 feet. Only one was taken right off the beach. Tried some poppers, but didn't have much luck.

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Thanks for the report. Glad to hear the SRC's gave you some play. Geez, I really don't want to have to get another boat...

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