Coho Run - Is it a bust??

I haven't seen any posts regarding the Coho run recently.

I've seen a few pods of fish crusing, but no hook up yet.

Has anyone had any luck in area 10??

Is it too early to declare 2010 a bust?
There are reports of fish in the Duwamish River (although there are tribal nets in during the week). Guys fishing gear are getting some, but nothing epic. I may head over there this afternoon/evening and give it a shot. There or a "secret" beach in Ballard.


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I tried a secret Ballard beach a few mornings ago. Very slow. No life at all, not even bait showing. Sat for about an hour by Ray's watching for jumpers in the canal. Nada.

It's nasty in more than one way (polluted and a pain in the ass to fish in most places), but I can get there to some spots on the bus where I can wade and cast relatively easily.


A couple fish every outing for me but I'm also fishing off the downriggers. Pretty big fish too. Most in the 8-15 lb range. No residents which isn't a good sign.
yesterday I talked to Native Americans who were beach seining. They said that the hatchery/net pen coho are huge this year so far. They had 25 fish in their cooler which weighted 325 lb. and said that the coho are 12 to 15 lb. which is about twice their normal size. It appears that these "resident coho" made it all the way out to the ocean rather than just the Strait of Juan De Fuca. There has not been much effort by the Native American beach seiners yet. Hopefully the fish are just late after making a longer journey.


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Considering that the Coho fishing is usually good
from August 15th to Mid October I wouldn't say
it's a bust, I would say it's the worst year in
10, 15, 20 years. Someone has better records than
I do.

Hasn't been a total bust. We racked and stacked them until the storms we just had. Those fish have disappeared, though we did find another beach (public Area 9) that fish are showing at. My buddy got a 10 lb hen and missed a second fish two nights ago. His neighbor limited. We hit the beach this evening but it was unfishable with this south wind. Way to much salad in the water. We will try again tomorrow when the wind lays down.


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Like the economic recession, the Coho have decided to take two years off. Due to budget cuts and lackluster run the light at the end of the tunnel will no longer be lit. Thank you very much...

I've been pounding the water, on foot and boat, and coming up negatore' with or without downriggers. Been pulling out all my bag of tricks, think there either is a hole in my bag or the tricks are just a trick with no treats.

I have been monitoring the boards, fish counts and talking to my network of fisherman and its not good. Most of the fish being caught in the straights have been un-marked fish, which are most likely Canadians heading north. We should've seen a good push of our fish, but they should've shown by now. I'll keep pounding it, but burning fuel, time and energy isn't so fulfilling when there arent any players.


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some fish moving thru the Snohomish. but they are not stopping along the lower river, just scooting by.
but numbers are down this year for sure.

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