What's your tying space look like?

This is my first try a posting pics on the forum. My husband built my desk. I'm a thrift store junkie, so the rest I found at the local Goodwill.toothbush holders, pipe holders, spice racks - all become part of my desk. But it never fails. Whatever new fly I want to try, I'm missing the feather, hook, yarn or dubbing called for.

Bob Jones

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Obviously a multipurpose area with a large concentration of tying materials. Looks like you could get a lot of things tied if you can find it all. Looks like a good start. Keep up the good work.


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OH ho! ! !
So, ....... I'm not the only one that has cluttered up the house with "this junky stuff" as my wife has aptly named it. I told yes dear, it's true, but I do know where everything is, @ least I thought I did. She has her hobbies, & I have this wonderful kinda sorta mess that keeps me occupied whenever I get bored with everything else.

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Thanks for being so willing to help out the returning service men who are so in need of getting their lives back to normal. The response to any help just is overwhelming.
Here is my tying space. Favorite part is the roll top I got from Craigslist. With a baby on the way, my wife said I was not going to have my tying material and hooks laying on my old linoleum table. I thought a roll top desk would be great and started searching craigslist. I found a post with this desk being a few weeks old, so I was surprised when I called that it was still available. The person simply wanted to get rid of it because it was stuck in the garage after inheriting from her father and it was too heavy to move. I got it for $150! I brought it home and put it into my garage and thought I was stuck in the same situation. Took me a while to realize that removing a whole bunch of small wood screws allowed me to disassemble the desk and move it into the room. I really love this desk for tying.
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I love roll top desks. When I was a kid, my parents used to get soooo mad at me because they would find hooks laying all over the place and bits of material.... even after mom vacumed.

So now... my wife cant get mad. Roll top desk is awesome.
I hoped my pic post worked. If it did, I'll edit it after I check to see if the pics showed.

Dang it! No pics.

Somebody please point me in the right direction.

I hoped my pic post worked. Sorry guys, I'm a neat freak. I've invested ALOT of money in my materials. All the drawers are absolutely full. I've got my tying area in the den but as soon as I finish with my basement build-out, I'll have a fly fishing/tying room about 35 x 20 all to myself. I'm thinking about decorating it in Camo but my wife doesn't agree. (Thanks for the help with posting!!!)

Jeff Dodd

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Fishes with fly - great tying space you got there! Wish I was 1/2 as organized!

surfnfish - cool tying desk you made for the Nor-Vise. The vise/post mounted on wood blocks - are they portable?

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