What's your tying space look like?

Ed Call

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Make one then. Get yourself as big a multi compartment box as you have storage room (or dubbing packs) to hold. Drill a 1/4" or 3/8" hole in the bottom of each compartment. Fill each compartment with your assorted dubbing choices. Get yourself a small hooked device (bend a hook, crochet needle, bent bodkin point, etc) to pluck out a little tuft for your fly or for blending with other tufts of other colors. You've built your own dubbing dispenser.

A multi compartment pill box, one designed for sorting into daily doses works well. Fly shops, hardware stores, big box stores, all should have a suitable container to make this work. I like the box for dubbing better than a bunch of bags.
Like Ed shares, I use both boxes and bags.
I custom mix a lot of my own dubbing so I use ziplocks to store so I can record recipes or inventory a larger amount. I'll often mix up a good amount at a time that will use up 2 or 3 store bought packets. Can't fit that much dubbing into a small dispenser. However I still use the plastic dispensers for unique items like dubbing kicker, dry fly dubbing, and etc that I use in small amounts.


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Just wanted to share a new find. Looking through a Woodworking Mag.

http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=21264&filter=magnifier and lamp

The LEDs around the magnifier are awesome, and that magnet base...WOW!!! I am still trying to get the light off the metal base...LOL
It comes with a clamp on base too. AND it runs off 3 AAA batteries or the the adapter that comes with it.
I also got the spot lite which is cool for pictures.
This is going to be so easy to take on the road with me! So compact and LIGHT as in weight.

Took some pictures of the set up in action


Goose neck:

Big Fly:

Little fly:

Like the pics of the light. May have to give that some thought for the shows this year. Lugging that Day-Lite around to the shows is getting to be a PITA.



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This is mine. I just put this together today. We have a hall to an outside doorway we don't use and I figured this was my chance to get out of the basement. I took an old two drawer dresser and attached pegboard to the back. Then I bolted white shelving to the topso I'd have room for my legs. I think it will be a nice little space.
Normally don't visit this forum, the flies that I tie are so basic that materials and space requirements are minimal. However storage requirements are another story when it comes to gear.
I picked up below for keeping my “stuff” inside a guest room rather than in the garage.
Brings the bed up to about 18”.

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I've replaced my fly tying area with a new judgment day command station.

Ain't no bunny strips and bobbins gonna help you when the looters come callin!!


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