What's your tying space look like?

yeah i think i want Bighorn to be my uncle!!! cause man thats everyones dream fly tying room!!

I hope thats ok with you Bighorn? so now you have to each me everything you know!! hahaha
my new login name will be little big horn!
Here is a picture of mine. I've been tying up a bunch of intruders in different colors for the last three weeks. Hence the pile o' shit.

It's great to see some of your nice spaces. I have to work with some small space, but at least I make it work.

Rob Ast

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My table is actually a counter-height table, so that is actually a stool. But yes - it works well, is height adjustable, comfortable for longer tying sessions. And the table is high enough that I can stand and tie occasionally for a change of position.


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