leeches and trout

should they be tied with any type of flash? i was thinking of tying some egg sucking leeches.

Anyone have any pictures of leeches they tied?

And do they need to go on long shanked hooks?

And how do you fish them?
I dont know if things are the same in Wisconsin as in Washington but here lots use flys, and others like me use leaches on a plain old hook I have great luck and out fish most. Here we have brook and brown. They say it all depends on the food source at the time, but I say when they are hungry they are hungry.

Ed Call

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Nothing at all? Minnow? Leech, but it is not the same as a leech pattern when you look at them side by side. It is just a woolly bugger, always has been, always will be. The leech patterns I've used don't get hackled, most don't have the same tail, most have a slimmer more sleek profile. I don't really know though. I'm not a trout. Trout eat them all. I'll fish them because the trout tell me they approve.


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Search up the pattern for Mohair leech. I tie them without a bead. incredible lake pattern, and in the right colors (olive and oxblood) they are possibly the best small crawfish pattern I've ever used in moving water for trout and smallmouth. Some split about 8 inches up the leader and let the weight bump of the stream floor. Double your pleasure, double your fun. Efficient way to invest your tying time.