Trophy Alpine West Slope Cutty

Figured I would post and show this. Just shy of the state record. Caught last weekend. By the way, yes I kept these, so don't bother making any smart ass comments. Caught them it on a beatis nymph. Oh ya, no I am not stoned, though it looks like it in the pic. It was taken when I was blinking. Trying to cover all my basis from all who will try to bash .

Caught one that was 16, 4 - 18 , 1 - 19, and that big one at 22.
Yes all in one day, let the others go. Hooked one 18 to deep and had to keep it, 1st 18 I caught kept because no one was there to take the picture and the 22 was a no brainer.
"Kept because no one was there to take the picture" I never get involved in the "you kept a fish" bashing posts, but I find that statement completely ridiculous.
I have been scoping this lake out for the last two years. I still think there are bigger ones in there. THe issue is, they are 10 yrs old and are about ready to die. went earlier in the year (July and they were not bitting) so had to go back for a second trip this year. Went last year and I caught 4 in the 18 in range, learned what they were eating and went back up.
No beatis nymph, I noticed last year the mayflies coming off. I had never seen a may fly hatch come off all day long from 9 to 9 at night. Also there were lots of caddis flies too.

Chris Puma

hates waking up early
it'd be sweet if nobody posted a reply to this thread and it just disappeared making caveman's attempt to become a troll an epic fail.

Keep a big fish and look at how poeple get all upset. I have caught thousand of fish and never keep fish. Here I keep a couple and poeple freak out. Pretty amazing.

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