Homemade Vise - Enos Bradner's

Jeff Dodd

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Snagged posted pictures of his slick home-made vise. (Very cool) His thread made me think to show others this cool vise I "purchased" at the Whidbey fly club garage sale.

The previous owner has had possession of this vise for a LONG time. He told me he got it from Enos Bradner, as it was floating around the WA Fly Club for a number of years. It's so simple, but is perfect - in the truck camper or the pram.

A piece of NW fly fishing history. made in the 1940's if I remember correctly.

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Greaat Jeff glad you got it, That's quite a piece of history for fly fishing people. There's always been people thinking how to do things a better way, makes it look so easy.

Jeff Dodd

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Very cool. Wonder where he got the clamp from. Or did he make it from scratch?
Jeff - doesn't appear to be made from scratch, but rather parts a person identified as fitting the purpose. The jaw holds a hook very nicely, but I do not know what they were originally intended for.
I bought this one from a Sooth Aaafreekun blacksmith named Tiaan Burger.
Needle nose pliers on a stand. You can lock a big 2/0 saltwater hook in this vise and bend the hook.
This is a stout rig.

Tiaan Burger


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