A couple pics from Mt. Jefferson area


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Long time lurker, first time poster. Figured I'd throw a quick TR up as my first post. Trip was from July, up in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. Most of my flyfishing over the past 5 years has been in high lakes, but hope to chase some steel for the first time this year.

Jasmine loaded up and ready to go

Stream crossing to get to the first lake. COLD water as the lake it was draining from was still 2/3 frozen over

Watching for alpenglow

View of Jefferson walking over to lake #2

YESSSS! Unfrozen.

Sun came out, flies got inelegantly cast

The lady tries the fly for the first time. Yup, now she wants to get her own setup

Many of these pretty little guys caught and released

The end

Ed Call

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Guilty. I've not been there in some time as my limited free time is more on fishing than backcountry powder. Maybe I should check back in and see what I've been missing?


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I haven't been there much the past year or so myself as I've been busy trying to get a biz off the ground and don't have much free time these days


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I'll drink (alot these days...) to that! Maybe one day we can toss some flies and toss back a beer after, first round on me.


Love vintage graphite!
I hate it when I see photos of people treating their dogs with such cruelty! :rofl:
Great photos, especially the last one.
Welcome to WFF!

Upton O

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I'll bet when your Lab sees that pack of his he goes nuts with excitement. Great report and it looks like it was a really fun time.


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Oh yeah, anytime a backpack comes out she goes crazy! She's getting old and gets a little sore after hiking these days but doesn't stop her
Thanks for the post. I remember going to Pamelia as a kid. It was an easy hike but was my first exposure to hiking, and I loved the trips. I remember catching fish for breakfast and dinner. Just a lot of great memories of that area.
Also enjoyed your last pic the most.
Thanks for sharing and welcome to WFF.

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