Puget Sound At Her Finest

Of course there is a double standard wildbuca. If this was a new member the very first post would have suggested a better way or a flame. But before we jump to conclusions maybe there is a reasonable explaination, some one suggested photoshop. Additionally, I would be willing to bet if you look back into the archives Leland himself has counseled on the virtues of the "proper release technique for this very fragile resource". Oh by the way you can purchase my popper in several different sizes and colors.
Sure is a tough crowd on these boards. Personally the fish on rocks doesn't bother me so much. Sand is a little different. The worst IMHO is people grabbing fish with dry hands and then proceeding to WIPE the debris off the fish's body!!! In that case you may as well club it.

But we all make compromises when it comes to taking "the money shot". ;)

In the end, we all fall short in o e way or another, don't tell me you score 100 out of 100 each time.

Personally Alexander I agreed with you. My point is not about how the fish was treated. It is about the constant reminders from the people on this forum about the delicate nature of the fish.... unless it is one of the popular kids. Then no comment and in some cases even support from the same individuals who would be first inline to tell you a thing or two.

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