Your Rig Mileage?

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I had a 2005 Dodge 3500 Quad Cab AT 4x4 short box with the Cummins. Towing our 26 foot 5th wheel I got around 11-12 pretty much consistently driving east of the mtns going 60-65. I hardly knew the trailer was behind me except for when I had to stop for diesel. Empty I could get 21mpg if I stayed off the right pedal, which was hard to do cause that truck was fun to drive. I miss it, and the trailer.

Jim Ficklin

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'99 Wrangler, 20 mpg (after a lot of tinkering . . . ignition, exhaust, chip, air intake)
'08 Tacoma 4x4, 22 (after just a bit of tinkering)
'08 Caliber, still running on the first fill-up. Just kidding . . . 35 mpg on the road.


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2006 Honda Civic 46 mpg = Hwy, 28-30 in stop and go city traffic. Horrible bad weather vehicle.

Are those 99 explorers V6's? Mine is a V8 and I get 19-20 Hwy, 12-13 in City.


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1970 toyota landcruiser, original straight six engine, 8-14 mpg, the old beast likes her gas ,but then thats just the price for driving vintage 4x4's, cool cost money !!
I drive like a little old woman.
I didn't mean to demean little old women.
I like to feel the power like anyone else, but damn it costs.
When I first bought that F250 I was getting like 14 mpg then my friend told me the secret.
Keep the rpm under 2000.
Oldskool: that is one sweet smelling Nissan


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There are some interesting numbers here. I used to have a F150 Ford 1990 with a straight 6. I loved that truck. It consistently made 16 around town and local driving with 18 on the highway. You would think after 20 stinking years gone by that Ford and everyone else could improve on that and hit the 30 mpg mark.... I'm waiting. I am still interested in hearing more, particularly more towing packages with guys towing trailers or campers.
1986 toyota land cruiser strait 6 186k I get 12-14 in town and not usually betterthan that on the highway maybe 15-16 but I dont have to tow a trailer I just lay down the back seat.
2001 Dodge Dakota 140,000 miles or so. 12 miles per gal towing freeway be it towing sled trailer or 18 foot fishing boatl. Normal driving is between 13.5 to 14.5 miles per gallon.
While truck is bad it pales next to our 24 foot cruiser Bayliner we also take out fishing which gets 3 gallons per hour if I stay out of 4 barrel. Went through 150 gallons of fuel in just 9 days at one point this summer. Normal weekend is between 20-30 galloons of marine grade fuel. The boat makes the truck gas seem cheap.
Marine grade fuel in case you do not know has no ethonal in it. If running ethonal I get about 30% less milage out of each gallon of fuel.
To save money on fuel cost I drive a Sentra any time I can including to work and for day trips fishing when wade fishing.

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