Your Rig Mileage?

91 toyota truck, 4x4 v6 5spd, 16 city 22 freeway if I keep it around 60mph. Tows my little aluminum boat fine but I wouldn't want to tow much more than that!


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There are some interesting numbers here. I used to have a F150 Ford 1990 with a straight 6. I loved that truck. It consistently made 16 around town and local driving with 18 on the highway. You would think after 20 stinking years gone by that Ford and everyone else could improve on that and hit the 30 mpg mark.... I'm waiting. I am still interested in hearing more, particularly more towing packages with guys towing trailers or campers.
Oh, I think the technology is there and has been for a while. But I also believe in the conspiracy theory that big oil wields much power and influence: they won't sell as much fuel if the auto makers allow their engines to do what they're capable of doing so big oil frowns upon things like increased engine efficiency. Look what aftermarket chips can do to horsepower/torque and MPG numbers- that tells you that the manufacturers could be doing a lot better with their factory motors. Why aren't they? Conspiracy theory.

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My Phantom Bentley is only 6 to 8 mpg. but I like to look the part while driving riverside with rod towers.
98' Toyota 4Runner 20mpg. I'm sure I'd gain another 4-5 miles per gallon if I used "NON-ETHONOL" gas. Come to think of it, I'm gonna put 6 gallons of the "good-stuff non E10" for my outboard come monday.


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2000 Honda insight. Does this qualify as a "rig". :) Round trip over the pass to fish Yakima will typically get 65mpg. 70 in summer. Not much room for gear.
2000 GMC Jimmy 4DR 4x4 (4.3 V6) - 22-24 hwy; 13-15 in town; when towing 14' Lund 13-15 mpg
2007 Chevy Silverado 2WD extended cab 5.3 V8 - 14-15 in town; 20 hwy; haven't really checked the mileage when towing, but I'm guessing it's no different from my normal driving mileage.
2005 Nissan Titan 4 dr V-8 4x4. 18 on the hwy, 15 town, 15 towing the whaler, 12 towing the 24' trailer. I don't have a lead foot.

1997 Dodge Caravan V-6. 377,000 miles. Still gets 20 mpg on the hwy.
I quit looking... just made me depressed or pissed and isn't going to prevent me from going fishing or hunting, so screw it! (03 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/ 6)

04 GMC 1/2 ton ext. cab 4x4, 5.3Litre w/ 3.73 gears: 15-16 in town, 18-19 on hiway. That's at 65-70mph. In Oregon where they don't use oxygented fuel like CA and I drive at 55-60, I've gotten 20.
Towing a 22' Arctic Fox TT that weighs 6000 lbs wet, I get 10.5-12 mpg keeping it @ 60-65. Can pull 6-7% grades at 50-55, that's good enough for me. I'd like to have a Duramax but I don't see the cost savings when analyzed. I'd like the extra power, but don't need it and diesels get very $$ to repair. Think I'll stick with the old SBC, best engine ever made.