Anyone else moving away from the skagit system this winter?

Im just jealous I don't have a two hander....yet. I definitely see the benefits, you guys are just so sensitive.
I can cast a big lead eyed intruder all day on my 15 foot 7.5 inch/second head. But I definitely need backcast room
At least WD-40 is food grade, and the undecane and tridecane in it are similar to molecules produced by living things, so it acts like a scent. Thats why sturgeon fisherman like it so much.There is a rumor that WD40 is fish oil based, but I can't find anything to back those claims up.
Lemon joy is to mask your scent, with little added benefits. Im not saying its cool to put these on anything, just saying


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I'm just giving you crap. I have a shooting head line I built for an 8 weight single that I can throw some decent line with and can probably cast a small rodent on the end of a sink tip 80 feet with it. Problem is my elbow gives out long before the end of the day comes along. I can take that same rodent and sink tip tied on the end of an 8 weight two hander and cast it all day long without tearing my elbow up.
Once I get my hands on a two hander I might never look back...thisI know. I am really jealous whenI see people working the water, say at reiter, and bombing out 80 foot casts while I have to settle for 30 or 40 foot roll casts because I have no backcast room. Similarly on the Cowlitz at blue creek, I can definitely think of many other places where it would be great to have one.
Sometimes though, I think it could be a hinderance. I don't know if anyone else here fishes the tiny tree lined brushy rivers onthe OP like the Lyre or the Hoko, but I think a 13 foot rod would just be a major pain in the ass.
But Im way off topic now, sorry guys.


salmo your forgetting x2 and x4 of line to water contact.

so your equation is wrong..

the intermediate with no manipulation is 20-30% slower traveling through the same section of water on the same river at the same time....just is so slap that beitch behind you for not giving you proper equation...or is his name Al Gore?

All that said, arguing over which hammer is going to pound that nail but not having a board to put it in makes the porridge cold all the same..

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