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well I would love to be on the water today, but with a 2 year old and now a 16 day old it is time to spend time at home. Can anyone suggest some good steelhead books?Hopefully something that discusses line presentation, reading water, and fly selection. Figured if I am not going to be fishing, at least I can catch up on some good reading.



Jay Allyn

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Advance Fly Fishing for Steelhead by Deke Meyer. Don't let the title steer you away as if you know the lingo the book is great. He explains everything. IT's a great book for the beginner too.

Hal Eckert

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I second that maybe the best book on basic and advanced steelhead fly fishing techniques, strategies, and flys.

I just went back and read some parts of it again as I bought it in the early 90s when it first came out.



Scott Willison
I agree with those who brought up Deke Meyer's book. It's a pretty good comprehensive book on steelhead methods from fishing the greased line to indicator nymphing. The chapter organization also makes it fairly easy to find the topic you're looking for. Another recommendation is Trey Comb's Steelhead Fly Fishing. In addition to the how to's, there is a lot great information on river and angler history in the steelhead tradition. It's a big book. I've read the thing cover to cover several times and still pick it for a good read when I'm stuck at home or the rivers are out.

If you're interested in reading about steelhead fishing in a less technical account, here are a few books you might find enjoyable.

Steelhead Country by Steve Raymond (out of print but easy to find on Ebay)

One Man's Steelhead Shangri-La by Ralph Wahl (out of print but you may find on the Internet)

Steelhead Water by Bob Arnold

And of course, just about anything by Haig-Brown (See recent RHB thread).

Scott aka Boxcar


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this a good start. if you have money left, a good friend or a library, here are some more: "greased line fishing for salmon and steelhead" by jock scott; "mostly reel memories" by bill barnett; "mist on the river" by michael checchio; "steelhead paradise" by john fennelly; "steelhead fly fishing in low water" by dick van demark; "the steelhead trout" by trey combs; and "steelheading for the simple-minded" by bob ellsberg.

Sharp Steelie

Some close friends and family have now talked me into
writing a simple book on fly-fishing for Steelhead. I've
had so much fun teaching some others how to fly-fish for
Steelies and was thrilled to watch them have success
on their first day out. A couple of the guys got 20
pounders this fall - it was really neat to watch! Channel
2 (KATU/ABC) actually did a small piece on it last
Tuesday night so now I really have to finish it! I've
had so much fun and success that I figure it's time to
share it. I think everyone should be able to experience
hooking and landing a 20 plus pounder and it can be done in the lower 48 on a fly! I know there is some really
good fly-fishermen on this site and I would really
appreciate any suggestions - To me personally this will
not be a success unless it works for everyone!


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One more book to add to the list would be "Steelhead Fly Fishing" by Trey Combs.
It is a great great book that has a ton of information including; steelhead history, legendary fisherman, rivers and techniques.