Area 9 Port of Port Townsend Boat Ramp fees Increases Wednesday Oct 27 6 pm !!

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
The Port of Port Townsend Commissioners will be discussing a serious rate hike for Port controlled boat launching ramps in Jefferson County. Amounts mentioned so far have ranged from$ 60-$65-$100 increases. The economy is in the toilet; record unemployment, record bankruptcies, record foreclosures, poverty and homelessness increasing, more taxes for less services, and now this- Outrageous!

A few years ago we had a huge parade of trailer boats show up at a WDFW meeting to protest sport crab limits. That got some attention. We need to show up at that meeting tomorrow night with our small boats on their trailers and show them who really owns the ports- THE PEOPLE!

Wednesday Oct 27 at 6 P.M.
Port of Port Townsend Commission
Meeting at Point Hudson Offices


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Wow! $60???? Are they dreaming? That's ridiculous! I wish I had some of what those port commissioners must be smokin'!!! Hell. Might as well just shut the launch down... at that price, the only folks who could afford to launch have to be filthy rich, and they could probably afford to moor their boats.

And at $60 to $100, are they planning to have an ace crew on hand to launch your boat for you? I mean, the ramp just sits there, and doesn't do anything but provide access. Are they trying to cut the common man off from access, and give it only to the filthy rich???

The Westport ramp was still only $5 the last time I used it, and most of the launches i use are free WDFW ramps.
Good luck on your protest, Bob. I hope you get a good turnout. I'm using this nice weather we are having today to get some work done around here, although I really should go lake fishing.

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