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Gentlemen (and ladies if there are any out there),
I just began steelhead fishing recently (last year was the first time I went) and I've been learning a lot about steelhead and salmon recently. I always knew that they were on the decline and that things were not looking too great, but until I really began to read and research more, I didn't really understand the severity of the issue and the main reasons behind it. After learning more, I've realized that salmon and steelhead are in a much more dire situation than most people realize, and I would like to be more involved with the issue. I am a member of Trout Unlimited, but since I'm not a year-round resident around here I haven't participated in anything around the area. I've heard about a number of different organizations(Wild Steelhead Coalition, Wild Salmon Center, Native Fish Society, etc.) dedicated to steelhead and salmon, and I would like to join one but I'm not sure which one to join. I'm sure that they are all good and all deserve support, but I'd rather join one organization and be more involved in it than be a member of multiple organizations in which I participate less. Which groups are doing the most for wild steelhead and salmon? Which ones would give me the best opportunity to be involved? Any advice is appreciated.

Matt, thanks for your willingness to pitch in and help, the more voices we have the better. Any of those oranizations wouild be worth your while to join. The Native Fish Society has done extensive work on the Columbia and it's tribs, since you hail from Spokane that might be a good option. Anyway, welcome aboard, good luck and god bless, we're gonna need it!



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The term "most for wild steelhead and salmon" is relative. Each organization has a different, if related, mission statement. So their approaches to conservation vary. Consequently there's no easy answer. You should read about each one that you are interested in, and decide which organization's approach to conservation best aligns with your values. One that is located close enough for you to become personally involved makes a big difference too. Good luck with your research, and thanks for joining the effort.



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Atta boy Matt

You can also contact the folks at the Working Snake River Project, a cause that has my attention

Call Sam Mace there and see what you can do...

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