finally got my 20 pounder



I got one up north this year...if I didn't have a tape I would have sworn it was 40"...Ok, it was just over 33" I was pretty sure my tape was screwed

kind of wish I didn't have that tape on me...40 sounds so much better... :)

hot fish with fat tails tend to do that to you sometimes!!!


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Actually a few pounds short, Mark, but once again, thanks for your expert opinion. Your odd ego never ceases to amaze us that know you.
Adam you know me, I am just a guy who looks to get a rise out of people like you because its fun and with out joking and sarcasm life would be boring!!! And whom are you speaking for when you refer to we?? You and your fish or the mouse in your pocket?

;) its just for fun lighten up purist


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Read your post. Where would one detect humor or sarcasm? Its a cop out to be passive aggressive then blame the person for being sensitive. Now, if you were just trying to get a reaction, that makes you an asshole with a weird sense of humor.
Like I said, you know me so if I was an asshole with a strange sense of humor I would have left you on the other side of the river all day with no lunch. Next time you bonk a fish weigh it to prove its a 20 instead of posting "I caught a 20 pounder on the CW!!" When in actuallity it is slightly above average sized b run ( something like 15-16 pounds) which is still awesome. Actions speak louder than words, just sayin. Nice fish and I know the feeling its hard to contain your excitement when you catch a big fish! But dude do you really want to see posts from me about some of the critters that find themselves on the end of my line??


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Ya, I would love for you to post pics of your huge fish. Here's the conditions though: The fish must be caught on a fly rod, without an indicator, no bead, not on the SF, and prior to march. Now what?


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Nice fish, man.

I am almost done with all this study shit. Maybe then I can tag along and take a try at this steelhead thing. I did do the Koot float with my kids this summer. It was a blast.