Local Bamboo Rod Makers?


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It is true, bitterroot demonstrated his shaving talents shortly after getting to work. He did however just shave his arm.

Ed Call

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Arm is hairless but that Montana Mustache is still alive and kicking? When you need an understudy I'm in. If you can teach what you've learned to someone as dumb as me then you know that you know what you are doing.


Love vintage graphite!
You're jumping the gun Mumbles! It will be many, many years before I need an understudy...I AM the understudy! Right now I'm simply hoping I can get my plane irons sharpened without losing any digits!:rofl:

Oh,....the moustache is alive and kickin'.:thumb:
That is so funny and true! You will be going through all the different processes that are needed to make a bamboo rod and really want to share it with your family and friends, you'll get used to that strange look on their faces. As you try to explain how cool this result of your efforts are, their comment might be "You brought me out here to show me this?" Hint, Be sure to give them a beer before you take them out to the "shop", they'll hang around a bit longer.


PS If the plane iron cut hurt as you injured yourself it's still dull. LOL

Ed Call

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Mike and Bitterroot. You must realize by now that I'm patient and thrive in the presence of beer and new information.

Ed Call

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Christ Mike, I'm googling your personal details right now so that I have an idea of how long it will take me to get there.

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