Local Bamboo Rod Makers?


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Did someone say beer in the shop?
When I imagine in my mind what my ideal rod shop would be (and I do, in fact, spend a lot of time doing this) the image of a refrigerator in the corner always manages to be there. Unfortunately, for some of you, it is full of Bud Light! However, I also picture a bottle of bourbon within arms reach of the planing bench!:thumb:
There will also be a wood stove, couch & plenty of comfy chairs. You are all welcome to come on over and tell lies.:beer1:

The only trick will be keeping Alex out of the bourbon! Ahhh...gotta love a Scotsman who loves bourbon!


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OOOOOHHHH!! Ah'm Ruint: Hoot, mon!!!!
It must be early, or you're speaking a language I don't get! Pirate, Jamacian... or you're a Parselmouth (snake language in honor of Harry Potter VII!)

I'm down for the beer thing Lonnie, just say the word! I'll bring something other than rice beer though and some scotch! Later this week I'm going to start putting together the boo blank I have and get it done.. I think it's a 5 or 6wt blank. :cool:


Love vintage graphite!
FedEx just left my house. I'm now the proud owner of a set of bamboo planing forms! WhoooHoooo! One step closer.................

I've also spent this long weekend cleaning out my little basement garage. So far I have an 8' pickup bed loaded with crap for the dump. Where in the hell do I acquire all this crap! When I get 'er all organized I'll be close to having a small shop in which to work. Another step closer.............

Alex MacDonald

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Damn!! Don't I want to be able to put together a bamboo rod from scratch; but the investment in tools is too high right now. Lathe, gluing machine, planes, planing form, etc etc! Besides, my lower garages have dirt floors. But, getting pre-ferruled blanks would work! And I'll bring Bill a see-gar or two!!
The guy in Georgia is Bill Oyster ( www.oysterbamboo.com)
I took his class and it was great!

First of all this is pretty cool. I enjoy wrapping my own rods, but you guys making your own is really taking it to a whole new level. I am considering trying out a boo blank which is why I on here reading threads.
But an interesting little coincidence, is that while I live in Spokane, my uncle lives outside of Atlanta. He knows I enjoy fly fishing and wrapping rods, and so one day he sent me a link to his neighbor who also builds rods, interestingly enough his neighbor Bill Oyster. His work really is amazing! I am envious that you took a class from him! Did you live back there, or go simply to take a class from him?


Love vintage graphite!
Hey Mike! I live out here and just traveled there to take the class. I considered it a long overdue vacation!
Bill's work is extraordinary indeed.

This is a great string.... I am a new member and bamboo rod maker since 2007.
So far I've built about a dozen rods and fish bamboo exclusively (except for spey rods). I prefer 2 piece 8' to 9' hollow built based on the E.C. Powell taper formulas.
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I am also gearing up to make a bamboo rod, this will be my second rod. For years I wrapped an occasional plastic rod, all the while lusting over my fishing buddys collection of 40 plus Bamboo. I found another freind who restored them, and then started building them. So bought and old rattler Japanese rod, and refinished it. It came out good enough to hang on the wall. Since then I have restored or refinshed around 20 or so. Then I got interested in building. The guys on the Bamboo listserve, gave me the idea to build a PMQ. (where you dont have to have a set of forms). So I built one, and it turned out pretty good. So I have Ordered a set of forms, (from Bellinger) I already have the plane and I am building a heating oven. And a binder, and I'am sure that I'll find a number of other tools in time that I can't "live" without! I live withen Walking distance of the Naches and Tieton River, plus I am retired. So having time to build and Test the rods I build is'nt going to be a problem. So its off to work I go!


Love vintage graphite!
:ray1:Let's not forget photos!:ray1: Post up some shots of your craftsmanship! Making a bamboo rod is an accomplishment to be proud of.

Being new to this, I am also interested in seeing photos of your shop, tools, works in progress, etc.:thumb:

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