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some of the reels were gone, but some still working with me...I have to admit though, it's really addictive to fish those classic reels and fiberglass rods! : )
I like the blue-collar reels that just go on and on working with no fuss. Here are some on-stream pics of the reels I use the most:

An early Beaudex 3" on an R. Sealey Tudor Lightweight 7' rod:

Orvis CFO IV Hardy-made Click-Pawl on an Orvis 99 7' 3 1/2 oz rod:

Orvis CFO III Disc on a custom 7'6" rod:

Orvis Battenkill 5/6 Click-Pawl on an Orvis Battenkill 7'6" 3 7/8 oz rod:

Orvis Battenkill Mark IV on a re-finished Goodwin Granger Aristocrat 8040:

The same Mark IV on a WM Granger Special 8642:



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Again, some nice reels being posted! I have yet to be bitten by the Pflueger Pbug, although I have a couple of old Trump reels that came as part of a package deal. Like Greg I gravitate towards the bench made reels from the 20s and 30s, although I have a wandering eye and there is no telling what might set of my 'oddball meter'. Which is how I wind up with something like this StrikeRight Wonderflo.

Young reels in particular seem to find their way to my house on a regular basis. The oldest one I have, (that I know of) is this Pattern 2A by J. W. Young that was introduced in 1925. Note that it has an on/off check and a palming rim that contrary to popular belief is not a 'recent' invention. Although it did seem to take a half century to be "re-invented"

And you can't forget about the ever popular 'ex' reels that Young began introducing after the war. The Beaudex, Condex, Landex, Pridex, Freedex, etc. Here's a trio of early Beaudex reels in black, with the square lineguard.

And I do have an entire shelf devoted to American made reels. Not as many as Mike - but like most collections it's a work in progress. I took a severe liking to the early two spring Shakespeare Russells and to some extent variations of the single spring when they switched over. From those that I have handled, the two spring variety is a much smoother operating reel.



Love vintage graphite!
Beautiful rod/reel combos!

Beautiful rod/reel combos as well. Looks like you are a fan of Orvis. I bought my first Battenkill click drag and I love it. Wanna get some cfo's now!

'bout time! As always, thanks for posting up some of your awesome collection!



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These next two are what I would consider pseudo-American reels.

The Heddon was assembled here from parts made in Japan. Don't ask me why 'cause I really don't know. My suspicion is that it may have had somethng to do with import duties and such. These Heddons are considered 'clones' of the Hardy Lightweight series with the 320 matching the Princess and so on down the line. I still have a couple of Hardy Princess reels and have owned a few others...and with my eyes closed I can't tell them apart from the Heddons when winding them. A great value in a basic blue-collar reel!

The great pro-American company of Herters had these reels imported for them from Germany. Made by DAM and measuring 3-1/4" in diameter with an on/off check. I dig the dual grips and wish more reels were made this way!



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wow WW,
aside from enjoying your pix, you've showed me how much i need to get a decent camera and learn to use it!
The camera I use is not that big of a deal really - Canon Power Shot A570IS - basically a fancy pocket camera. The box says 7.1 mega pixels and the camera is at least 4 yrs old I think. Most decent snapshot cameras will have a button for macro focus. On mine it is indicated by a flower icon. Some guys use a light box and lights. I just set my backdrop cloth on the dining room table, hold the back of it up with a pair of tall salt and pepper shakers, and shoot by the natural light coming in the windows.


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Hey Scott, I love those Landex reels! Or at least the idea of them...I've been too chicken to bolt one on a rod and go after some steelhead with it. I just worry about the anti reverse feature - it just seems too simple to actually work. Perhaps this winter I'll give this one a try.

Or maybe one of these other ones...

Oddly enough, I also have a little 3-1/2" narrow drum Landex suitable for trout fishing. Just not sure why you would ever need the AR for trout???

Speaking of trout and red agates Here's a nice 3-3/8" Youngs Pattern 16A. Personally I think a plate wind reel is a little much for trout...But hey! If you got it, flaunt it! :)


Greg Armstrong

Nice reels WW.

Here's the "little" brother to your 16A. It's the same reel, but made in 3-1/8" size.
This one was made by Young for Allcock and features the "Stag" logo.
For those that don't know, the 16A was Young's answer to the Hardy Perfect and is a very nice reel in its own right.

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Nothing compliments a classic bamboo or fiberglass rod like a classic reel. Let's hear (or see) what yer using.

Here is one of my "pimped" Pflueger Medalist reels on board an 8' 5wt. bamboo rod.
I LOVE my Medalist reels! :thumb:

I always knew I liked you Lonnie for more then cooking. I'm a freak for the classic Pfluegers too. All I use on my glass rods pretty much except some old SA's and a couple Martins.

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