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A couple from Sweden

As you might have guessed by now I have a soft spot for simple click pawl reels. Adjustable or not, it doesn’t matter to me as long as there is a pawl, a gear, and a spring. And the simpler the mechanism, the more I like it.

Here is a single click pawl reel from A.B. Urfabriken, later to become the ABU of ABU Garcia fame. It sports a baked enamel finish and a screw in the end of the spindle for run out adjustment. A nice tight reel that could have used a leaded finish to do it justice. The resemblance to the prewar Young reels is very apparent. So much so that it is hard to believe it is mere coincidence.

The Record – 3-1/2” diameter and an inside spool width of 7/8”

I already owned the reel above when I saw this Urbafriken 'Double' for sale. I thought 'how nice' that will go well with the 'Record on my shelf. In the seller’s photos it was quite dusty and there were no shots of the insides but I took a chance anyway.

What I expected was a friction drag similar to an Ocean City 76 or something:

However, when I opened it up…it was not quite so simple. Ahh…those Swedes!

There is a bit of labor involved to switch the handedness, but it is convertible. Oddly enough, when I got it, the reel was setup for RHW but the line was wound on LHW! I bet that was a ton of fun… :)

Here’s the pair of them together.

I’ve been told there is one more reel in this “series”. I have no idea what it looks like or how it’s built but I have a feeling I’ll be able to spot it when I see it. When I do see it, the sound you’ll hear will be my checkbook groaning once again.


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I just read through this whole thread! There are some nice reels in here. I'm getting fired up to go shopping again! :)

This one hails from Christchurch, New Zealand. The F. Steans & Coy LTD reel has the reel makers stamp to the inside of the winding plate: E. J. Brown, one of the best reel makers in New Zealand. Mr. Brown also produced reels under his own name.

These reels came in two sizes only; 3-5/8" and 3-7/8" with the one pictured below being the latter size. I have seen these in the copper color pictered below and also in black, both being an anodized finish. Produced for a time in the 50's, the Steans reels were near enough to a Hardy Perfect that Hardy claimed patent infringements and had production shut down - or so the story goes. I haven't verified this story with any "official" accounts and so - take it with a grain of salt.


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It ok Mark, Ed is a little "less fortunate" if you know what I mean.
Well played sir, as you well know, it takes the less fortunate to recognize the less fortunate! I figure in Mark's hands those gems get polished and pampered. In my hands I'll at least try to put them onto reel seats and bang them on the river bed rocks.

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