Grand Ronde Report

Last weekend my dad, uncle and grandfather picked me up at WSU and we headed to the Grand Ronde to attempt once again to hook up with a steelhead. The last few trips to the Ronde have been rather uneventful; whether the water is low, high or chocolaty we just never seem to hit it right. This time it seemed like all the conditions were going to be perfect and we were very optimistic. Despite our optimism our dreams of multiple fish days just didn’t happen. I swung and nymphed for hours with little to show for it. I caught plenty of trout which would have been great on any other day but I wanted some steel. Finally on the second day my hard work paid off; I hooked up with my first Steelhead in a few years on a Green Butted Skunk. I know this is a fly fishing site but my grandfather at age 89 caught the only other fish. He can’t move around as good as he used to and only fished 2 hours the whole weekend but managed to hook a beautiful native on gear which was quickly release. It was a great weekend spent with the three men who taught me to fish. We may not have caught many fish but catching up, bull shitting and just enjoying each other’s company made it trip I will never forget.

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Outstanding Connor!
I hope yopu have the pic of the three of you enlarged and framed. Great shot!!

There is a lot of family resemblance going on it that photograph! I hope that you take it is a compliment! It was awesome that you were able to share the trip with your 89 year old grandfather. He looks like an amazing fellow for you to be able to follow in his foot steps.:thumb:


Steve Call

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Great memories. Treasure them for a long, long time.

When the time is right duplicate the experience for the next generation.


Sculpin Enterprises
Hi Connors,

What a unique experience for you!! That you and your grandfather caught fish (and your dad was skunked - only kidding....) only is icing on the cake.


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