Anchor Management

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Nicely done takeoff on that ironic tragedy I read about this last Spring. (Driver hitting a cyclist who turned out to be his friend). The irony of that freak accident really hit me at the time I first read about it.

Being a cyclist (the fear of getting hit by a drunk or inattentive motorist is ever present when out riding), a paddler, and a searun cutthroat angler myself, I could really identify with your story.
Thanks for the Gil Scott-Heron vid, too.

You nailed the wake/capsizing scene.
This Summer, I warned a fellow yak angler about the max ebb running in opposition to the incoming waves when we were fishing outside the tip of the South Jetty. It was almost 2 hours after the high already, and I could see the changes in conditions happening at an accelerating rate. I warned that the quickening and opposing current would make the waves stand up and break, and that we should go in. I got a look from one of the 2 dudes I was fishing with like he thought I was just a scared old man.
I said "do what you want, but I'm paddling inside the tip, and I suggest you do the same very soon." Then I paddled inside to where I was out of the current and in a back-eddy. I kept casting and jigging.
I looked outside and only saw one yak angler. Then there were two again, paddling in. When they reached me, one sheepishly told me that I was right, and with his back to the horizon, a wave had broken on him, capsizing him,. He lost his brand new jigging rod/reel.

Thanks for taking that real tragedy and morphing it into a story that explores some of the dark and disturbing thoughts and feelings that the real event (involving a driver hitting and killing a cyclist who was a friend of his, and who had attended the same party that night) evoked in me.

And to think I had postponed reading this because I had thought it was just boot asking a question about anchor management!

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
thanks for all the feedback.

Jim I wasn't aware of a specific kayak tragedy- do you have a link on that? The last thing I heard about a kayak possible tragedy was an abandoned kayak found about a month ago floating between Blake Island and Vashon, never heard if any body was recovered or not.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I'm sorry. I didn't make that clear. The real incident I was referring to was the young man driving home from a party, and hitting and killing a cyclist in the dark. The cyclist turned out to be the young driver's best friend, who had also been at the same party. It was a terrible tragedy.
I was struck by the irony.
I thought you must be using that incident as fuel for your story's plot.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
You know, I used to rent a cabin just around the corner from Rich Passage, on Crystal Springs Drive. Cabin was across the road from the water, and within sight of the old fishing pier. My landlady had the beach rights, and I launched my old beater 15' touring kayak and fished out front.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I've been a little "slow" lately.

Anger Management!

Ah, yes! Revenge is best served cold. For the vigilant, that's whenever the opportunity presents itself!

boot, you possess, or are possessed by, a very diabolical mind!