Yakima steelhead?

I fished the Yakima Halloween weekend and caught what looks like a steelhead in the lower canyon section within a mile of Red's fly shop. It tasted great:) I hooked it on a #18 bead head pheasant tail with 6X - not the typical steelhead fare. What do you think - steelhead or big rainbow? My buddy snapped the blurry photo and I quickly released it without a measurement. It made my weekend!! I also fished the upper canyon section the following day near Cle Elum and caught some large cutts on dries - fantastic View attachment 35789 View attachment 35790 fall weekend!!

Paul Huffman

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Even though there have been just 16 steelhead put above Roza since June, they must be biting well because I've heard of some reports.

A few months ago, the Flyfishing and Tying Journal had a article on rigging for trout when you think you could catch a steelhead. I think it was Whitlock. The article prescribed a tiny pheasant tail below a stonefly nymph. And that's how I accidentally hooked one below Roza a few years ago. http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com...rout-2c-and-all-i-got-was-this-steelhead.html


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Steelhead; lack of spots below lateral line, torpedo shape, lack of adipose fin (I think).

Good catch! :)

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